You know it's been a while when you try and hop on to make a post and your deploy is broken, your theme is out of date, and in general it takes about as much time just getting something live as you planned to spend actually adding some content. Broken deploy The crux of the issue here was building the site locally with an older version of hugo than was being used in the GitLab CI pipeline (not pinned). [Read More]

CSS Sliding Menu

I made a CodePen to roughly replicate the gmail menu behavior where hovering over the left menu slides it out to cover the main content, but clicking the hamburger icon locks it out in extended mode.

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disable krunner auto-launch

Recently I've moved from a gnome + xmonad setup to using KDE as a base. This is somewhat wrapped up in a preparation for an update to Debian Buster and the realization that it was less and less possible to use the standard gnome tooling without gnome-shell. Things like displays, bluetooth, and wifi were just no longer conveniently configurable. Overall this switch has worked well, and I've recovered the ability to do simple configuration changes while still using the tilling that I am used to. [Read More]
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Go Methods on Values and Pointers

TLDR: I was surprised by the behavior of a method on a value. Should have used a method on a pointer instead. This story starts when I was attempting to put together a simple web application using go. I was following the, what I believe to be good, recommendation of Alex Edwards on Organizing Database Access and was using dependency injection to provide some initialized resources to all my request handlers. [Read More]

Ship it: ctfdfetch edition

Today I wrote and shipped ctfdfetch a simple python tool to “fetch” challenges from any CTFd hosted CTF. The code is on gitlab and pypi. This means downloading all the challenges for a CTF locally can be as simple as: pip3 install ctfdfetch ctfdfetch --server --user hacker Most of the code I was familiar with such as requests and beautiful soup, so probably the biggest thing I learned was how to package everything up. [Read More]
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Back at it

Been a couple of days… apparently more like 193… well, not to be deterred I'm going to try this again. Tonight I am hacking on a CTFtime stats application. CTFtime is “All about CTF (Capture the Flag)". It is the defacto scoreboard aggregator for all the wonderful CTFs that occur each week. They actually have been doing it for some time (since 2011) so there is a lot of really great data there. [Read More]

Ansible Strikes Back

All Kinds of cool solutions today: Alternative Today I Learned. Aside from just looking really slick, one really nice thing about this is that each post is limited to 200 words. I may adopt that here because some of these have grown to prodigious, if not quite novel lengths. Ansible FTW The other day I dove way into some bash foo. Turns out that was all unnecessary now that I know about the raw and script modules for ansible. [Read More]

Git Submodules

Over the last few days I have run into a number of issues using git submodules. Perhaps mostly user error on my part. Overall if its just a project I am working on than I think its a reasonable amount of complexity to introduce, but otherwise in particular when working with a team that is relatively new to git they are probably not the answer. Here are some links and notes. [Read More]
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