Ansible Strikes Back

All Kinds of cool solutions today:

Alternative Today I Learned.

Aside from just looking really slick, one really nice thing about this is that each post is limited to 200 words. I may adopt that here because some of these have grown to prodigious, if not quite novel lengths.

Ansible FTW

The other day I dove way into some bash foo. Turns out that was all unnecessary now that I know about the raw and script modules for ansible.

altssh FTW

Was faced with a situation where a machine had a relatively restrictive firewall policy, and didn't want to have to resort to HTTPS git (long story the machine also has an old git version that does not have git-credential-cache).

Turns out this is not a new problem. Without further ado I present:


  User git
  Port 443
  PreferredAuthentications publickey
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/gitlab


  Port 443