Thank you + aspell

Thank you @mandarvaze for the Merge Request. For a completely out of the blue and unexpected notification, it made my day!

There have only been a handful of other occasions when I've received any issues or feedback on any code I've put up, but I always get a huge boost from it. From this small act of kindness I have two takeaways:

  1. I should post more things up (and not abandon them)
  2. I should pay it forward and get over any hesitancy about contributing to other public repos.

Since my attention has been drawn back to this project I should probably post up something I've learned as well:


I've had a long lingering “spell check” issue to catch up on old posts that might have been pushed out without the most deliberate eye. In order to quickly check for any other mistakes I found this stack overflow which gave just the ticket:

cat *.md | aspell list | sort -u

Running this command to generate a list of words, then filtering out ones that I recognized (e.g. proper nouns and tags for urls), left me a nice short list of actual misspelling which I then used grep to find in documents and correct.

You can see the results in this commit.

What a good news story all around.

Bonus Hugo

The main page summary for this article (and old ones) was not particularly nice so I went in search of a way to specify a cut-off. Turns out a simple answer per the documentation is:

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