Today I read some of the documentation for Vue.js. My web chops are relatively weak and are an area I would like to improve upon. As far as things go Vue seems like a relatively well respected and thriving library/framework. No code or demo to speak of just reading today. In reference to yesterdays bonus section on time tracking, I’ve decided to go back to using TagTime and perhaps setting up some structure around Watson. [Read More]

Beeminder API

Today I learned about the Beeminder API. Beeminder is a goal tracking tool backed by commitment contracts. Roughly that means you make a commitment to make progress towards a goal and you track it. If you stick to it then you get a nice graph, and reminders of what you need to make progress on. If you fail then you cough up a pre-committed amount of money. Since this explanation hardly does it justice I highly recommend checking out the site. [Read More]

Code reloading with Docker

Short post today but I spent sometime converting a Vagrant based development environment over to Docker. One of the most magical features of this is the increased feedback speed. One pattern I found that seems to work really well, is to use: A docker-compose configuration that mounts the source into the container. Overriding the command that is run to watch/reload For example Flask has Debug Mode. Gunicorn has –reload. [Read More]

Cracklib + Safe

Cracklib Today I was working on a flask web application that had a dependency on cracklib. This seemed like an oddly named and surprising inclusion and so I investigated. It turns out that it is a tool for checking passwords in order to prevent users from choosing passwords that could be guessed by “crack” by filtering them out, at source The application was using the python library in a very similar way to that described by Gary Wilson Jr. [Read More]

The installation failed...

A tragedy in 3 parts: Windows Spent my dev time today fighting to upgrade a Windows VM. The quick version is that I was making an epic journey from old boot media all the way from Windows XP to Windows 10. All was well until the final leap from Windows 7 -> 10 when I was struck down with a dreaded: The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation [Read More]

Cloudflare + Virtualization

Cloudflare Today I learned about Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that provides a number of performance and security enhancements for websites. By serving as a middle-man between visitors from the internet and your web server/content they can provide things like simple and free SSL/TLS, content caching, and DDoS protection. In this case I was interested in using Cloudflare in order to host this log under a custom domain (https://dev. [Read More]


Main event Today was somewhat of a bust in terms of making progress. I fell back into the trap of endless hugo theme tweaks. In the progress I learned a bit about the complexity of responsive web design. Given the issues with the Lithium theme and styling things like code blocks and quotes I sought out a new theme. Since the Gitlab Pages demo used the Beautiful Hugo theme I thought I would give it a try. [Read More]

Gitlab Pages

Today I worked with Gitlab Pages. Also boy what a day to log the process because what seemed like a simple copy paste of a gitlab-ci.yml turned into all kinds of trouble shooting. It all started by looking at the example pages/hugo to see what was necessary in order to build and publish this log on Gitlab Pages. Seemed simple enough, essentially a container with hugo installed that runs a special pages job with the public folder as the artifact. [Read More]

Hugo Themes

Today I learned about Hugo Themes. Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. Or in their words The world’s fastest framework for building websites Essentially the idea, like with many static site generators, is that you can write your content in something simple and pleasant like markdown and then have a program combine it into a fully functional website (html, css, js). I had looked into Hugo previously so there wasn’t a ton new there. [Read More]

I Can Haz IP + Docker Security

Intro First post/log/diary entry. Here goes nothing. On new dad duties, mostly spent the day clearing out a glut of bookmarks and saved links. Easily get a machine’s public IP address curl Courtesy of Dean Wilson’s post on making a Terraform provider. All things Docker Security Stumbled upon Jess Frazelle’s Blog which has all kinds of awesome stuff related to Docker and security. In particular the combination of AppArmor, Seccomp, and SELinux profiles to make containers more of a security boundary (Getting Towards Real Sandbox Containers). [Read More]