Ansible Strikes Back

All Kinds of cool solutions today: Alternative Today I Learned. Aside from just looking really slick, one really nice thing about this is that each post is limited to 200 words. I may adopt that here because some of these have grown to prodigious, if not quite novel lengths. Ansible FTW The other day I dove way into some bash foo. Turns out that was all unnecessary now that I know about the raw and script modules for ansible. [Read More]

Github Pages

Today I learned about GitHub Pages. This was similar in many ways to when I learned about Gitlab Page but there where some differences. The most substantive are: No integrated CI requires a manual deploy step More complex HTTPS setup The guide I followed for SSL was the aptly named Secure and fast GitHub Pages with Cloudflare. The guide I followed for hugo was also appropriately Host on GitHub and in particular the organization pages portion. [Read More]
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Webpack + CORS

webpack Today I learned about webpack, a way to “bundle your site”. As I would summarize it webpack allows you to write your web application across multiple files, with multiple dependencies, and it takes care of resolving (and bundling) everything into a functional output that can be served. I had heard of webpack before but specifically came across it while reading the Vue.js tooling documentation. One thing that was really helpful to wrap my head around webpack's functionality was the Concepts documentation. [Read More]
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Beeminder API

Today I learned about the Beeminder API. Beeminder is a goal tracking tool backed by commitment contracts. Roughly that means you make a commitment to make progress towards a goal and you track it. If you stick to it then you get a nice graph, and reminders of what you need to make progress on. If you fail then you cough up a pre-committed amount of money. Since this explanation hardly does it justice I highly recommend checking out the site. [Read More]
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Cloudflare + Virtualization

Cloudflare Today I learned about Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that provides a number of performance and security enhancements for websites. By serving as a middle-man between visitors from the internet and your web server/content they can provide things like simple and free SSL/TLS, content caching, and DDoS protection. In this case I was interested in using Cloudflare in order to host this log under a custom domain (https://dev. [Read More]
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Main event Today was somewhat of a bust in terms of making progress. I fell back into the trap of endless hugo theme tweaks. In the progress I learned a bit about the complexity of responsive web design. Given the issues with the Lithium theme and styling things like code blocks and quotes I sought out a new theme. Since the Gitlab Pages demo used the Beautiful Hugo theme I thought I would give it a try. [Read More]
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