You know it's been a while when you try and hop on to make a post and your deploy is broken, your theme is out of date, and in general it takes about as much time just getting something live as you planned to spend actually adding some content. Broken deploy The crux of the issue here was building the site locally with an older version of hugo than was being used in the GitLab CI pipeline (not pinned). [Read More]

Hugo Content Layout

Today I worked on another static site and learned more about Hugo's content management organization. Specifically, I learned much more about the distinction between sections, types, and taxonomies. These concepts are all related, and can all produce aggregate lists, but have very different degrees and mechanisms to configure. sections are opinionated, unchangeable, attributes that are determined by where a file is placed. Seemingly the documentation indicates they are the top level directories under content, however there does appear to be some support for nested sections, including an open issue related to their documentation. [Read More]