Ansible Strikes Back

All Kinds of cool solutions today: Alternative Today I Learned. Aside from just looking really slick, one really nice thing about this is that each post is limited to 200 words. I may adopt that here because some of these have grown to prodigious, if not quite novel lengths. Ansible FTW The other day I dove way into some bash foo. Turns out that was all unnecessary now that I know about the raw and script modules for ansible. [Read More]

Bash + Git

A tale in two parts today. Quick bash admin and git woes. Bash Admin Today I was faced with a real sysadmin task. I had 32 nodes I needed to configure all with just a bare bones Ubuntu install. Typically I fallback on ansible as my provisioning and configuration tool of choice. Unfortunately the machines did not even have python installed so we couldn't jump right there. To make matters worse, the single user on the machine was not configured with an ssh key, so password based authentication was all that was available. [Read More]