Webpack + CORS

webpack Today I learned about webpack, a way to “bundle your site”. As I would summarize it webpack allows you to write your web application across multiple files, with multiple dependencies, and it takes care of resolving (and bundling) everything into a functional output that can be served. I had heard of webpack before but specifically came across it while reading the Vue.js tooling documentation. One thing that was really helpful to wrap my head around webpack's functionality was the Concepts documentation. [Read More]
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I Can Haz IP + Docker Security

Intro First post/log/diary entry. Here goes nothing. On new dad duties, mostly spent the day clearing out a glut of bookmarks and saved links. Easily get a machine's public IP address curl https://ipv4.icanhazip.com Courtesy of [Dean Wilson's][dw] post on making a Terraform provider. [dw]:https://www.unixdaemon.net/cloud/over-engineering-a-terraform-data-provider/ All things Docker Security Stumbled upon Jess Frazelle's Blog which has all kinds of awesome stuff related to Docker and security. In particular the combination of AppArmor, Seccomp, and SELinux profiles to make containers more of a security boundary (Getting Towards Real Sandbox Containers). [Read More]