Go Methods on Values and Pointers

TLDR: I was surprised by the behavior of a method on a value. Should have used a method on a pointer instead. This story starts when I was attempting to put together a simple web application using go. I was following the, what I believe to be good, recommendation of Alex Edwards on Organizing Database Access and was using dependency injection to provide some initialized resources to all my request handlers. [Read More]

Back at it

Been a couple of days… apparently more like 193… well, not to be deterred I'm going to try this again. Tonight I am hacking on a CTFtime stats application. CTFtime is “All about CTF (Capture the Flag)". It is the defacto scoreboard aggregator for all the wonderful CTFs that occur each week. They actually have been doing it for some time (since 2011) so there is a lot of really great data there. [Read More]

Outlook + http.Client

First day back at work since the new baby, so it will be interesting to see how this log changes when I am not just doing hobby projects. Outlook Unfortunately, it wouldn't be a true work day if it didn't involve digging out from under a pile of emails. In the spirit of efficiency I looked up some hotkeys and lo and behold (courtesy of lifewire, you can move a message to a folder with: [Read More]
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