Git Submodules

Over the last few days I have run into a number of issues using git submodules. Perhaps mostly user error on my part. Overall if its just a project I am working on than I think its a reasonable amount of complexity to introduce, but otherwise in particular when working with a team that is relatively new to git they are probably not the answer. Here are some links and notes. [Read More]
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Bash + Git

A tale in two parts today. Quick bash admin and git woes. Bash Admin Today I was faced with a real sysadmin task. I had 32 nodes I needed to configure all with just a bare bones Ubuntu install. Typically I fallback on ansible as my provisioning and configuration tool of choice. Unfortunately the machines did not even have python installed so we couldn't jump right there. To make matters worse, the single user on the machine was not configured with an ssh key, so password based authentication was all that was available. [Read More]

Beeminder API

Today I learned about the Beeminder API. Beeminder is a goal tracking tool backed by commitment contracts. Roughly that means you make a commitment to make progress towards a goal and you track it. If you stick to it then you get a nice graph, and reminders of what you need to make progress on. If you fail then you cough up a pre-committed amount of money. Since this explanation hardly does it justice I highly recommend checking out the site. [Read More]
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I Can Haz IP + Docker Security

Intro First post/log/diary entry. Here goes nothing. On new dad duties, mostly spent the day clearing out a glut of bookmarks and saved links. Easily get a machine's public IP address curl Courtesy of [Dean Wilson's][dw] post on making a Terraform provider. [dw]: All things Docker Security Stumbled upon Jess Frazelle's Blog which has all kinds of awesome stuff related to Docker and security. In particular the combination of AppArmor, Seccomp, and SELinux profiles to make containers more of a security boundary (Getting Towards Real Sandbox Containers). [Read More]